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Vertical Garden Stand

(26" Wide x 29" Long x 51" Tall)

  • SIMPLE ASSEMBLY VIDEO: Assembly is made even easier with our step-by-step video located in the product pictures section on this page. Our experienced customer service team is based here in the U.S. and quick to respond to any questions.
  • WHEELS FOR EASY MOBILITY: Four swivel casters with real ball bearings are included, but completely optional. Roll your garden stand inside before a storm, or to a more sunny spot on your balcony. Trying to move a different planter without wheels could strain your back and end with your soil, plants, and hard work spilling all over the ground.
  • SUPERIOR DRAINAGE: Each of our planter boxes have five pre-drilled holes for optimal drainage. Water cascades through these five drainage holes down into the next planter box below. Our competition has only one drainage hole located in the corner of each planter box - a recipe for stagnant water and root rot.
  • YOUR GARDEN SOLUTION: Grow flowers, herbs, vegetables, succulents, and more in a space of only 26" x 29". This planter on wheels is the most mobile and efficient garden you will ever have. This will make a great addition to your sunroom, patio, balcony, porch, deck, or yard.
  • TOUGH AS A RHINO: You want a product that is built to last. We start with heavy duty steel for the frame. Our exterior grade powder-coated finish gets baked on at 400 degrees for the strongest bond possible. Our planter boxes are the thicker than the competition, BPA free, food safe, and made from 100% new polypropylene.